Centipod Marks Progress with Successful Scale Testing

Testing at UNH

DURHAM, N.H., May 26, 2023 — Centipod today announced the successful wave tank testing of its C1P6 Wave Energy Converter (WEC) at a 1:20 scale at the Jere A. Chase Ocean Engineering Laboratory of the University of New Hampshire.

The primary objective of the scale testing was to validate numerical models and to demonstrate the operating concept in a controlled physical environment. The results strengthen the potential of Centipod’s technology to integrate wave energy converters into the renewable energy mix, offering consistent, predictable power supply.

“This successful 1:20 scale testing of our C1P6 WEC validates the effectiveness of our operating concept,” said Alan McCall, Director of Centipod. “Wave energy holds untapped potential to provide a predictable and consistent source of renewable energy. We’re excited to be making progress towards commercialization.”

Looking ahead, Centipod plans to continue refining its technology, guided by these encouraging test results, towards full-scale testing and eventual commercial deployment.

About Centipod:

Centipod is a renewable energy company focused on developing and commercializing wave energy converters. It is committed to leveraging the consistent and predictable power of the world’s oceans to generate clean, reliable energy, aiming to make a positive contribution to global energy sustainability.

SOURCE Centipod