Record of success

Management’s leadership with Zond Systems (1980-2000) and Clipper Windpower (2001–2010) proves that new renewable energy technologies can achieve mainstream competitiveness with unrelenting focus on innovation.

Leaders of the transition

Centipod's management lineage originates from the early days of wind, at the same stage wave is now. Our management was there, building a market from the foundation up:

… Virtually on the spot, he [Dehlsen] put in an order for 150 turbines, far more than Vestas had produced till then. Over the decade [1980’s], Zond bought almost all Vestas’ output. Dehlsen did as much as anyone to create the scale market that nurtured the Danish industry.
Daniel Yergin, The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World

Technological challenges led to new innovations, from the mass roll-out of variable speed wind to the distributed drivetrains of Clipper. First hand knowledge within the Centipod leadership team gives our company a strategic edge in navigating this new challenge. 

Wind Turbine

A blue frontier

Ocean renewable energy presents an enormous opportunity for 21st century energy needs both for grid power and for blue economy applications. However, the technology needed to harness this potential has yet to be demonstrated by the sector. Centipod holds the technology required to unlock energy from ocean waves, and with decades of experience unlocking new energy markets, is poised to succeed.


James G.P. Dehlsen

James is a pioneering figure in wind power and renewable energy development. Prior to launching Centipod, James founded Zond Systems and Clipper Windpower. In 2008, he was inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame as “Father of Wind Energy in the U.S.”

Brent Dehlsen

James “Brent” Dehlsen

Prior to Centipod, Brent co-founded Clipper Windpower and participated in Clipper’s path from engineering concept through development stage to commercialization, serving as Executive Vice President of Operations and COO.

Dave Arthurs

David Arthurs

David has over 20 years of finance and operations experience, having previously served as Chief Financial Officer of a real estate investment fund and Principal and CFO of a water treatment business, which grew from start-up to sale to GE Water under his stewardship.

Alan McCall

Alan McCall

Alan leads Centipod's technology development efforts, heading prior and current R&D projects with topics including: optimizing controls, power take-off, and structural optimization of the wave energy conversion technology.