Centipod WEC Receives Support from TEAMER


Centipod has been awarded technical support from Sandia National Laboratories via the U.S. Department of Energy’s TEAMER program. This funding will support the creation of a comprehensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of the full-scale Centipod WEC, enabling the team to optimize its design and pave the way forward to deployment.

Centipod’s unique two-part point absorber design harnesses the relative motion between a surface buoy and a submerged backbone to generate clean electricity. By accurately simulating the device’s behavior under real-world oceanic conditions, the CFD model will provide valuable insights into its structural integrity and energy capture capabilities. This knowledge will be instrumental in refining the Centipod design for enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness.

“This TEAMER project represents an important step forward for Centipod,” says Alan McCall, Centipod Director “The detailed CFD model will allow us more confidence in loads stemming from extreme waves, ultimately leading to a more robust machine.”

TEAMER RFTS 11 Announcement